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High Quality Low Cost

When cost is a primary consideration of selection, the Series 1000 provides low cost, high specification, quality instruments for both the UV and visible ranges.

The designs offer an ideal combination of performance, quality and reliability for educational use; as is witnessed by the large number of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges who are multiple users of the range.

With only six, carefully programmed operating keys, the Series 1000 spectrophotometers are exceptionally easy to use. Up-down keys, with automatic slew rate acceleration, make wavelength selection, to 0.1nm, convenient and rapid. Absorbance, Transmittance or Concentration may be measured; the latter using standards or by entering a factor.

Ease of Operation

Wavelength Precision

Very precise wavelength selection, with readout to 0.1nm, provide the high degree of reproducibility needed for accuracy, particularly when measuring on a sloping background.

UV-visible instruments allow the Deuterium lamp to be switched off when working in the visible region, to extend lamp life. Switch on is automatic if a UV wavelength is selected. Deuterium Lamps are guaranteed for one year.

Design advantages of the series 1000 instruments include self test and calibration at switch on, automatic lamp and filter selection coupled to wavelength and high overall stability eliminating frequent resetting of the Absorbance zero when making extended measurements.

Convenient Operation

Deuterium Lamp Save

Easy Use      Simple Kinetics

Low Cost      Deuterium Lamp Save

Self Test and Calibration  

Auto Lamp and Filter Selection                      One year UV Lamp Guarantee

User Benefits

Series 1000 UV/Visible Spectrophotometers

Specifications and Spectrophotometer Ordering

Peak Seek

The measurement of an absorption band should always be carried out at the wavelength of peak absorption to obtain results of the highest accuracy and reproducibility.

An automatic peak seek facility is provided. To enhance discrimination and accuracy automatic compensation of the reference energy background - baseline flattening - is carried out, followed by precise peak location. The instrument is set to the peak wavelength, ready for use.

Sample Temperature Control

Temperature control by water circulation is possible with the Series 1000 for a single cell, SIP flowcell, or for 4 cells mounted on the cell changer. A special sample compartment lid and pipe port are provided for use with water temperature control.

Used with Series 1000 instruments the SIP sampling accessory allows samples to be measured without the inconvenience of cell handling, or danger of cell breakage. Samples are drawn into the cell by depressing the sample key on the control panel, to displace the previous sample.

The pump unit is mounted within the cell compartment. Cells of up to 40mm pathlength are available and samples as small as 300µl may be measured in a 10mm pathlength cell.

The large and accessible sample compartment accommodates a wide range of sample holders in addition to the standard single cell holder. These include a 4 cell changer, water thermostatted cell holders and a SIP sampling system which fits within the sample compartment.

Convenient Sampling

SIP Flowcell Sampling


Cell Temperature Control

100mm Cell Holders

50µl Cell Holder

Film or Filter Holder