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ReflectaScan UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Each purchased Spectrophotometer is supplied complete with single cell holder, power cable, operators manual and short form instructions.

Specifications and Ordering of spectrophotometer and accessories

Cecil Instruments policy is one of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

Some Examples of Software:-


Fast data transfer to PC for use with Excel or other spread sheets.


The instrument will automatically perform a wavelength scan and perform a variety of numerical analyses of colour.


Absorbance and Wavelength validation using certified standards or liquids. Validation of optical bandwidth, etc.

Optical Monochromator  

Optical Bandwidth  

Wavelength Range and Accuracy  

Wavelength Reproducibility  

Self Test and Calibration  

Wavelength Scale Expansion  

Scan Speed  


Display Screen - Backlit LCD  

Photometric Ranges  

Photometric Accuracy  

Photometric Noise  

Baseline Flatness  

Baseline Stability  

Overlayed Scans  

Spectral Reprocessing  

Scan Storage  

Curve Fitting and Editing  

Cell and Wavelength Programming  

Method Storage  

Derivative Spectra  

Peak Seek  

Time Course Plotting  

Real Time Clock  

Computer/printer interfaces  

Size & Weight  

Power Requirements  

Littrow using 1200 L/mm holographic grating  

4 nm  

190-1100 nm, better than ±1 nm  

±0.1 nm  

Automatic at switch on  

Selectable by keyboard entry 1-100 nm/cm  

Selectable by keyboard entry 1-4000 nm/min  

Typically <0.01% at 220 nm and 340 nm  

Displays menus, plots etc with six screen widths of viewing.  

Digital display of -0.3-3A, 0-200%T, 0-9999C

±0.005A or 1% whichever is greater

Less than ±0.0002A (500nm)

Better than ±0.002A most of range

Better than 0.001A/hour, 500 nm

Scans and derivatives with or without offset

Scans manipulated and replotted over any range

Up to 100 stored security code protected

Linear, quadratic or cubic; up to 30 standards

Up to 8 cells and 10 wavelengths in any combination

Up to 30 methods stored in safe memory

1st and 2nd derivatives

Automatic search programme, baseline corrected

Plots may be reprocessed and stored

Timed and dated reports

Bi-directional serial RS232C and USB ports

480 x 340 x 205mm, 18kg,

110-250V, 50/60Hz, 170W

CE 3055 ReflectaScan Spectrophotometer

4nm bandpass, 190-1100 nm wavelength range, built in integrating sphere signal channel, cell holder, power cable, operators manual and short form operating instructions.

CE 3073 Integrating Sphere Unit

SpectralonTM sphere with integral silicon detector, 10 mm turbid sample cuvette holder, film holder, 0° and 11° sample rests and internal  mirror system.

CE 3075 Specular Reflectance Unit

With flat sample rest, conical lens moving rest, mounted front surface aluminised plain reference mirror and mounting thumb screws.

CE 3077 Opthalmic Lens

Holder for transmission measurements with lens centring and mounting plate, and mounting thumb screws.

8000 70 01 Dot matrix printer

(requires connection cable 8000 71 00).

8000 72 01 Colour Ink Jet printer

Includes cable.


Deuterium lamp with one year warranty

Tungsten halide lamp - in pairs


Calibration Filters

Set of 2 certified wavelength filters

Set of 4 certified Absorbance filters

Set of 6 certified Absorbance filters

Set of certified filters, 2 wavelength, 6 Absorbance


Printers, Cables

RS232 25 pin PC cable and protocol manual

RS232 9 pin PC cable and protocol manual

Printer connection cable

Dot matrix printer

Colour ink jet printer, includes cable


Reflectance Standards

White standard for diffuse reflectance sphere

Aluminised mirror standard for specular unit


2202 01 42

2303 01 40



303 40 00

594 44 00

594 66 00

594 77 00



2021 26 00

2021 83 00

8000 71 00

8000 70 01

8000 72 01



3045 01 01

3047 01 01