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PowerStream – System Manager Chromatography Software

PowerStream is a chromatography management system developed by Cecil Instruments. Comprehensive data processing and full control of Cecil HPLC modules is provided.  PowerStream complies with the terms of 21 CFR part 11.

PowerStream, developed to operate in Windows  facilitates organisation of chromatography results and methods and provides digital control for a wide range of peripherals.

Operation is remarkably easy and help screens provide a complete operating guide.

PowerStream is easy to use, with a fully interactive graphical interface and display providing full method development with customised parameters, data capture and manipulation of data and chromatograms. A tutorial is included for clarity and rapid learning.

Complete Flexibility

The complete range of chromatographic applications may be undertaken. Pumps may be fully programmed for any required gradient and the gradient profile may be overlayed on stored chromatograms for accurate mixture or flow adjustments. Mid elution wavelength control of the programmable UV detector is provided. Calibration curves, using any number of standards, may be computed and plotted for each component of interest and may subsequently be used to determine the concentration of unknown samples.

Comprehensive integration parameters are provided for accurate peak area and height calculations. Retention times for all peaks are tabulated.

Convenient Operation

The clarity of screen presentation is illustrated by the composite display shown for a typical gradient elution.

Clear Screen Presentation

Method creation is simple and convenient. Firstly select all the hardware to be used for the experiment and add any of the following parameters as required: Timed events, Integration parameters, Calibration curves and Reporting parameters.

Method Operation


PowerStream Interface, CE 4900


PowerStream is the powerful new chromatography software, developed by Cecil Instruments R & D, for HPLC system control and data processing. It is used in conjunction with DataStream software, also developed by Cecil Instruments, to provide data transfer and comprehensive display, processing and manipulation of spectral scans.

The PowerStream system manager interface unit, shown here, is designed as a space saving stackable module. The unit is supplied whenever

CE 4900/CE 4900D PowerStream system control and data processing are required.

 When system control is not required, PowerStream CE 4901 is provided, with an interface module without the control feature.



System Requirements:-

 Comprehensive but intuitive and easy to use.  

 Works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

 Provides for 21 CFR part 11 compliance

 Assignable levels of user permissions.  

 Acquisition and manipulation of chromatograms.  

 Automatic peak integration options.  

 Manual peak integration options.  

 Automatic external and internal standard calibrations.  

 Automatic normalisation calibration.

 Sample bracketing between standards.  

 Data are saved to location of end-user choice.  

 Flexible reporting options and automatic calculations.  

 User created calculations.  

 Automatic system suitability calculations.  

 Cecil instrument module monitoring.  Instrument qualification reporting.  

 Instrument lifetime manufacturer helpline and support.

 Third party detectors may be used with the Cecil chromatography system manager, in order to take advantage of PowerStream software's data capture and chromatogram presentation facilities.