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Isocratic HPLC Pump CE 4401

Flow Rate

0.001 to 10mL/min in 0.001 steps

Flow Reproducibility

Better than 0.1%

Maximum Pressure

40MPa = 400 bar

Over Pressure Cut-out

Adjustable between 3 and 40MPa

Low Pressure Cut-out

Adjustable between 0 and 40MPa

Material in contact with fluids

Ceramic inserts - biocompatible

Check valves – ruby and sapphire


Less than ±0.5% at 2mL/min

PC connection

USB port

Binary Low Pressure Mixing HPLC Pump CE 4402

Flow Rate

0.001 to 10mL/min in 0.001/min increments

Pressure Range

0-40MPa over flow range

Flow Accuracy


Flow Precision

<0.1% RSD

Pressure Pulsation

<±0.5% at 2mL/min

Gradient Forming

Binary gradient low pressure mixing and isocratic high pressure operation

Gradient Control

Using proprietary high-speed proportioning valves

Gradient Precision

Typically 0.2% RSD at 1mL/min

Material in contact with fluids

Ceramic inserts, ruby and sapphire check valves, PEEK

PC connection

USB port

Optical System

Double beam with 1200 lines/mm grating monochromator

Wavelength Range


Wavelength Accuracy

± 1nm

Wavelength Precision

± 0.1nm

Optical Bandwidth



< .02%, 220nm


Deuterium lamp with elapsed time indicator

Absorbance Range

0.001 to 2A full scale in 11 ranges

Time Constant

0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 seconds

Method Storage

For up to 30 methods, security protected


± 1 x 10-5 A peak to peak, 220nm, 2s time constant


± 1 x 10-4 A/hour at constant temperature


Better than 1%, 0.001 – 2A

Automatic Power-up/off

Pre-programmed top save warm-up time

Sample Flow Cell

8µL x 10mm pathlength  

Refractive Index Sensitivity

< ± 5 x 10-4 A, water to methanol at 350nm

Flow Rate Sensitivity

< ± 3.5 x 10-3 A, for flow change 1-2mL/min, 300nm

PC connection

USB port

UV-Visible Detector CE 4405

Number of flow channels


Maximum Flowrate


Materials Contacting Solvents

PEEK, glass filled PTFE, Teflon AF

Gas removal

To better than 1ppm at 1mL/min

Solvent Degasser CE 4020

Merit HPLC Specifications

Use of a Merit HPLC system, in the analysis of a mixture of  toluene, Dibutyl phthalate Pyrene and Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate

Optical System

Double beam


With 1200 l/mm holographic grating

Wavelength Range


Optical Bandwidth

4nm – constant

Digital Resolution


Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Reproducibility


Absorbance Range

0 to 3A

Scan Speeds

Up to 1000nm/s

Baseline Flatness

± 0.002A over most of range


<0.02% at 220nm and 340nm


< ±0.5 x 10–5 A at 230nm, 2s air test cell


< ±0.5 x 10–4 A at 230nm, using air test cell

Calibration and Test

Automatic at switch-on

Number of Peak Scans

Up to 100 peaks for any single elution

Multiple Scans of a Peak

Up to 8 scans of any peak

Scan Trigger

At start, set Absorbance value, point of inflection or at maximum

Scan Storage

Up to 100, password protected

Method Storage

Up to 30 methods, password protected

WaveQuest D.A.D. Ultra Fast Scanning Detector  CE 4403

Temperature Range

5 to 70ºC (maximum 12ºC below ambient)

Temperature and Set Point

3 digit bright LED display

Temperature Readout Resolution


Temperature Stability

± 0.01ºC

Number of Columns

3 up to 25cm long with pre-columns

Heating Rate

30 mins to set point of 65ºC (ambient 25ºC)

Stabilising Time

Negligible when set point reached

Leak Detection

Vapour detector – adjustable shut down level

Column Heater/Chiller

Carousel capacity

100 vials, 2mL

Loop sizes

10μL - 200μL

Injection valve

Rheodyne 7900-000

Sample loop flush

Operator selectable

Volume reproducibility

Better than 0.05%

Carry over (with wash)

Better than 0.005%

Replicate injection

up to 15

Cycle time

12s minimum


Cecil Instruments policy is one of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

All system modules

Injection valve and loop

Interconnection and power cables.

Column and valve panel where appropriate.

Pipes and tubing.

Sample injection syringe .

Solvent bottles with drilled lids.

Solvent inlet filter.

Standard flowcell.

The following are included as standard, within each Merit HPLC system:-