The Super Aquarius instruments offer optical sophistication, enhanced performance and added power, by the use of a photomultiplier detector.

Super Aquarius is the choice for versatility, ultimate performance and the measurement of diverse and difficult samples.  The effects of sample turbidity on Absorbance measurements can be negated.

An optional fluorescence filter accessory may be used with the CE 9500 model, making for fluorescence measurement.

There is pharmacopoeial compliance, wavelength ranges between 190 to 900 nm, and bandwidths, both fixed and variable, from 0.5 to 4 nm.

These  multi-lingual UV/Visible spectrophotometers, have a wide range of standard software, including  high performance wavelength scanning, up to sixth order derivatives, kinetics and multiple wavelength analyses.

Instant ESEF software options perform user-specified and pre-programmed functions.  Password protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

The spectrophotometers may be fully accessorised, with provision for nano cells and specular reflectance.  They may be used with a PC or on a stand-alone basis.

Super Aquarius



Ultimate performance,

  Double Beam Range

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