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Easy to Use and Highly Affordable, Modular Merit HPLC Systems

The Merit HPLC systems demonstrate the ultimate in HPLC simplicity.  Just inject and go.

Each Merit system incorporates the proven, reliable, consistent, high specification, ultra-low drift and durable performance of the trusted Cecil pumps and UV/Visible detectors.

Each system is fully PC controlled, using Merit software, to achieve and save high quality chromatograms.

Automatic integration is provided, without the need for  further baseline adjustment.  Qualitative work is remarkably easy. The fast checking of multi-component samples is easy.

System choices include a CE 4403 UV/Visible detector, a DAD WaveQuest detector, an isocratic CE 4401 pump, a CE 4402 binary pump and a column heater/chiller. Biocompatible options are available.

Set-up of the system hardware is fast, the pump and detector  modules each plug  into the USB ports of a PC or laptop.  The Merit software only takes a few seconds to load and  just a few minutes to master.  Save HPLC methods and store chromatograms within  Merit software or elsewhere on the PC , network or portable drive etc.  

The minimum PC requirements for Merit PC software are:-

Merit HPLC, making life easier for multi compound screening scientists, scientists performing initial method development, production scientists, process development chemists, lecturers, teachers and novices.


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