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Superb Performance IonQuest Ion Chromatography

Modular, versatile, effortless and sensitive IonQuest Ion Chromatography

One single IonQuest system will accommodate current and future requirements.  There are no limits on the choice of eluents, columns, pumps, sample pre-treatment, samples, column conditions and detectors.

The use of high stability temperature control of the detector cell, contributes towards the extremely low drift and ultra low noise.

The conductivity detector, coupled with the continuously regenerated chemical carbonate suppressor columns will provide for flat baselines, no carbonate peak, no injection peak, high sensitivities, gradient usage and speedy column equilibration.

The modular conductivity detector may be purchased separately, for use with third party LC systems.

In addition to the standard conductivity detector, IonQuest systems may be used with other detectors, such as electrochemical, refractive index, UV/Visible, WaveQuest UV/Visible ultra-fast scanning and fluorescence.

IonQuest ion chromatography systems are used with the Comprehensive, Versatile, Intuitive and Easy to Use 21 CFR part 11 Compliance, PowerStream software.


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