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The majority of systems used in the dissolution field employ UV/Visible spectrophotometry as the chosen form of analysis.  Such systems are relatively easy to set up and run.  This sample analysis can be performed on a manual or automatic basis.

In the instances were UV/Visible spectrophotometry cannot be used, perhaps because the analyte does not have a UV/Visible chromophore, there is excipient matrix and/or analyte interference, or where more than one active pharmaceutical/nutraceutical ingredient is required to be tested in the same dissolution run, HPLC/IC analysis and detection may be used.

   Detection of the active pharmaceutical/nutraceutical ingredients may be on the basis of many of their properties, such as UV/Visible Absorbance, conductivity, refractive index and fluorescence.  This HPLC/IC analysis can be performed manually or on an automatic and on-line basis.

All of our dissolution systems are space saving and practical.  We offer comprehensive software packages and all of the accessories you and your regulatory authority/authorities may require.

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