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Versatile, High Pressure Gradient Mixing Adept HPLC

Each modular, easy to use

Adept HPLC system can be customised to an analytical requirement.  The high pressure mixing gradient, makes method development and method transfer reliable and less stressful.

Because the systems are modular, different detectors may be accommodated depending on analytical requirements.  These detectors include variable wavelength UV/Visible, WaveQuest UV/Visible ultra-fast scanning, electrochemical, refractive index, conductivity and fluorescence.  Each detector is of the highest industry specification and is renowned for its Ultra-Low Drift.

If required, extra pumps such as semi-preparative and biocompatible,  may be acquired at any stage.

A wide range of autosamplers, fraction collectors, column heater/chillers, column reactors and column switching valves may be included in an Adept HPLC system.

The use of post-column reactors for amino acids, aflatoxins and barbiturates is easily achieved.

The use of biocompatible options brings a streamlined approach to denaturing DNA, semi-preparative proteomics HPLC etc.

Analyse catecholamines in blood plasma with an electrochemical detector, whilst simultaneously analysing anions using a conductivity detector.

Detect all organic acids in wine using the conductivity detector, whist simultaneously detecting the sugars with refractive index or electrochemical detectors.

Adept HPLC systems are used with the Comprehensive, Versatile, Intuitive and Easy to Use 21 CFR part 11 Compliance, PowerStream software.


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