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Q-Adept Low Pressure Gradient Mixing HPLC

Each Q-Adept system includes a single binary or quaternary low pressure mixing pump.  Hence Q-Adept brings even more versatility to modular systems and provides for lower priced HPLC.

Isocratic to Quaternary operation is provided, with the flexibility of a very compact modular, versatile  system, of minimal stack height.

The  wide range of detectors including the outstanding ultra-fast scanning uv/visible WaveQuest, uv/visible, conductivity, refractive index, electrochemical, and fluorescence, may be incorporated into systems.

A wide range of autosamplers, fraction collectors, column heater/chillers, column reactors and column switching valves may be included in a Q-Adept HPLC system.

Each Q-Adept system may be customised to an analytical requirement.

The use of post-column reactors for amino acids, aflatoxins and barbiturates is easily achieved.

Q-Adept HPLC systems are used with the Comprehensive, Versatile, Intuitive and Easy to Use 21 CFR part 11 Compliance, PowerStream software.


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