This is a neat solution for  reflectance, transmittance and Absorbance applications within just one instrument.

With an optical bandwidth of 4nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision this very easy to use specialist spectrophotometer may also be used as a general purpose instrument.

Easy measurement of colour, whiteness, thin film thickness etc.  Features include a 190 to 1,100 nm wavelength range, sampling for film coatings, lenses, powders, liquids, paper, sheet metal, paints etc.

Easy to use and comprehensive instant ESEF software packages (including colour measurements derived from X Y Z tristimulus value).  Fast fitting sampling accessories include integrating spheres and nano cells, with no finicky adjustments of accessories.  This is a compact standalone or PC linked instrument.

This single beam multi-lingual UV/Visible spectrophotometer, includes a wide range of other features, such as multiple wavelength analyses, multi-component analyses, kinetic analyses and spectral derivatives.

Password protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

ReflectaScan Spectrophotometer


Multi-Purpose Reflectance Spectrophotometer

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