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Cecil Instruments’ Latest News!

Summary of Recent News Items

Cecil Instruments have launched a newly developed low cost easy to use HPLC range.  The new Merit systems expand its proven comprehensive Adept HPLC range.

The Merit range is designed to provide a completely new level of ease of use, dramatically reducing the time for software familiarisation.

The remarkably low cost systems are designed to be the easiest of HPLC systems to operate, at the same time offering performance of the highest specification.

The fully PC controlled isocratic and binary systems with the new Merit software, provide automatic integration of chromatograph peaks without operator intervention.

The Merit systems make operation easy for analysts and are excellent for screening, quality assurance, method development, teaching and use by novices.

The price of an isocratic system is GBP 6,990.00 and binary system

GBP 7,990.00 with fast delivery being offered.

Merit - New Affordable HPLC Systems

Further details of Merit HPLC systems