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Ion chromatography chromatogram,

of cations within a cough medicine.

IonQuest Ion Chromatography Specifications

Conductivity Detector CE 4710

Conductance Display Range

0.01 – 5000µS/cm

Output Signal

Selectable for anions or cations

Time Constant

0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 5s

Autozero Range

Typically up to 10,000µS/cm

Synchronous Detection Frequency



Less than ±1nS/cm, DI water, 1mL/min, 2s


Less than 20nS/cm/h, DI water, 1mL/min

Cell Volume


Cell Body

PEEK P1000 grade


316 stainless steel

Cell Pressure Rating


Cell Enclosure Heater

20 watt

Operating Temperature

25 – 50ºC; 35ºC standard

Temperature Precision

± 0.01ºC

Warm-up Time

10 minutes typical

LCD Screen

4 lines, back lit, adjustable contrast

Method Storage

Up to 100 with password protection

Analogue Output


Computer Interface


Remote Autozero

By contact closure

Digital Control

By PowerStream software

Keypad Control

For entry of values, commands and programmes

Pump CE 4100

Pump Type

Dual piston design

Flow Rate

0.001 to 10mL/min in 0.001 steps

Flow Reproducibility

Better than 0.1%

Maximum Pressure

40MPa – 400 bar

User Interface

4 line back-lit display and full range of keys

Pressure Cut-outs

 Adjustable for over and low pressures


Less than ±0.5% at 2mL/min

Flow Path Materials

Ceramic, ruby, sapphire, PEEK

Number of Columns

2 plus suppressor cartridge

Pressure Cut-out Valve

Accommodated – Option

Temperature range

Ambient +5ºC to 70ºC (maximum 12ºC below ambient)

Temperature Stability


Temperature Display

 digit LCD display

Injection Valve

Rheodyne Valve

PEEK flowpath, 100mL loop

Ion Chromatography Heater/Chiller (Oven)  

Number of flow channels

4 (CE4040), 2 (CE 4020)

Maximum Flowrate


Materials Contacting Solvents

PEEK, glass filled PTFE, Teflon AF

Gas removal

To better than 1ppm at 1mL/min

Solvent Degassers CE 4020 / CE 4040

Cecil Instruments policy is one of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice.