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Dedicated to Molecular Biology

Ultra Micro-Samples

Measurements are possible for a wide range of sample volumes, from 5µl to 2000µl using an appropriately selected cell in the ultra microcell holder fitted as standard in the GeneQuest.  Third party nano cells may also be used.

Standard Software

A260/A280 Ratio

A260/A280 with background correction 320nm

Direct UV method for protein at 280nm

A230/A260 Ratio  A 230/A260 with background correction 320nm

ss DNA concentration

ds DNA concentration

RNA concentration

Sample Cell Selection

A range of UV transmitting silica cells is available. The listing given here enables the cell appropriate to the sample volume to be chosen. All cells except the standard must be of the self masking type. Using a 10 mm pathlength cell an Absorbance value of 1 is estimated for a concentration of 50µl/ml of ds DNA.

The excellent accuracy of the GeneQuest for normal samples is further enhanced for poorly transmitting samples by an automatic integration process initiated in response to a flashing alert message.

To fulfil legislative requirements and GLP, onboard software allows for performance validation using filter sets calibrated by Cecil Instruments and supplied with calibration certificates traceable to NPL standards. Methods for liquid samples are also provided.

Enhanced Performance

Assays Displayed on Screen

Shown here are three screen displays of typical assays,  protein by the direct UV method, ratios at 260/280nm and a theoretical melt Tm calculation.

Printout of Assays

The printouts shown here are for typical assays using the Bradford method at 595nm, the determination of ds DNA, and the results of the Kalb Bernlohr determination of nucleic acids and proteins.  A plot of any curve or straight line fitted to a series of standards is always available to verify the fit.

Another printout  shows a list of all the available methods offered by the GeneQuest.

Specifications and Spectrophotometer Ordering

The GeneQuest Analyser is a spectrophotometer dedicated to the requirements of the Molecular Biology Laboratory. Fully programmed methods include those for RNA, ds DNA, ss DNA, oligonucleotide primer, proteins, bacterial growth and cell culture measurements and molecular calculations, including theoretical thermal melt.

Simplicity of Operation

Insert the reference, press ZERO, then insert the sample and press RUN to obtain a fully documented report complete with header, sample number and space for the operators name etc. Operation could not be more simple. Operators may create and store up to 30 of their own methods with the method storage option.

Automatic Wavelength Selection

All the fully programmed methods are selected from a menu and displayed with headers, prompts and details on the large display screen on which information may be scrolled for viewing.

All wavelengths for any given assay are automatically selected and measured. Results are displayed on the screen and a printout, timed and dated, is available on an external printer.


GeneQuest Spectrophotometer