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CE 3021D Spectrophotometer


This is a high quality single beam spectrophotometer from the Super Aurius series, with an 8 cell changer and 1.8nm optical bandwidth. Its stability of ±0.001 A / hour makes it suitable for dissolution monitoring, and may be used as a general purpose or scanning spectrophotometer if required.

Full wavelength and cell programming, as well as wavelength scanning, are possible. Operation is via embedded software using an LCD) screen to display menus, prompts etc. with entries made through its comprehensive keypad. Enhanced accuracy is provided, as with the CE 7260, by the very low, 0.01%, straylight. Software for validation is available. Used in System 2.

Single Beam System

This image depicts the CE 3790 dissolution tester coupled to a single beam spectrophotometer.

The small size of the spectrophotometer coupled with the compact design of the tester leads to a system requiring only the minimum of bench space.

This combination is the basis, from which System 2 is formed.



The system uses the same CE 3792 WIN DISS software used by the double beam system 1, collecting data and providing system control. Also the tester provides 7 stirred vessels with the eighth position used for circulating the temperature controlled water, heated by a 1000W element.

Sample Compartment

The eight cell auto-changer is shown here in position in the single beam spectrophotometer. The compact compartment accommodates the holder fitted with its eight cell changer in a convenient fashion, with all the sampling tubes passing through the special flow tube port.

Automatic Cell Changer

The compact and convenient to use eight cell changer is shown here, fitted with the eight cell holder, before fitting to the instrument.

The flow tubes are tidily guided to the flowcells from the flow tube port fitted to the instrument.

Specifications and Ordering

Single Beam Dissolution Systems