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CE 7260 Spectrophotometer

This symmetrical double beam spectrophotometer from the Aquarius series, with an 8 cell changer, has a 1.8nm optical bandwidth and is ideal for dissolution measurements. Its stability of, ±0.0001 A / hour, approximately ten times better than single beam instruments, makes it ideal for extended measurements such as sustained release monitoring. Full cell and wavelength programming together with wavelength scanning make the instrument ideal for dissolution applications and may, when required, be used as a high quality scanning double beam spectrophotometer for other applications.

Operation is simple following menus and prompts displayed on the LCD screen, using the keypad to interact with the comprehensive embedded software. Validation software is available. Used in System 1.

CE 9260 Spectrophotometer

This is a top performance double beam spectrophotometer from the Super Aquarius Series. The optical system is fully symmetrical and uses a high performance end window photomultiplier as detector. This ensures the very best performance with minimum drift and the best possible noise performance, particularly for low energy conditions.

Both method and spectral scan storage are provided together with powerful software for all applications.

For top performance this is the instrument of choice. Validation software is available. Used in System 3.

Double Beam System

Shown here is the dissolution tester used with the CE 7260 double beam spectrophotometer; this forms the basis from which dissolution System 1 is formed.

The compact tester and spectrophotometer occupy only a small amount of bench space.

The tester has 7 stirred sample vessels, the eighth position is used for circulation of the water, heated by a 1000W element. The system and data collection are controlled by the CE 3792 WIN DISS software which can be installed in most available PC's

Sample Compartment

The sample compartment of the CE 7260 spectrophotometer is shown with the eight cell automatic changer fitted. As shown, a reference cell may be accommodated in the reference beam.

The instrument is fitted with a light-tight port through which all the sampling tubes pass for connection to the flowcells.

Automatic Cell Changer

The cell changer is shown here removed from the instrument and fitted with its eight cell holder.

Fitting the changer to the instrument is simple and rapid, as is fitting the flow tubes to the flow tube port. The same changer is used with the CE 9260.

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Double Beam Dissolution Systems