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Aurius Series

With an optical bandwidth of 4nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision these very easy to use instruments are ideal general purpose spectrophotometers. Excellent for routine and quality control laboratories, they offer a wide range of quantitative techniques with wavelength scanning as an option. Both UV Visible and Visible versions are available with full validation procedures.

Super Aurius Series

The Super Aurius instruments are unique for their very high performance scanning, with derivatives, overlay, extended analytical power and multi-cell Kinetics. They cover the full 190-1100nm wavelength range with a narrow 1.8nm optical bandwidth. With straylight of 0.01%, wavelength precision of 0.1nm and baseline stability of better than ±0.001A/hr, the most demanding analytical work may be undertaken.

The large screen with contrast control, displays menus and prompts for all applications. All curves, scans and data displayed on screen may be reprocessed before printing.

Ease Of Operation

The low straylight of the instruments, less than 0.01%, allows a measurement of 3 Absorbance units to be made with an error close to 1%.

This performance should be compared with errors of 26%, 10% and 6% which result from straylight of 0.5%, 0.1% and 0.05% respectively for the same measurement.

Software Enhancement By E-SEF

E-SEF - Encoded Software Enhancement Facility - is an important new Cecil design feature. Optional software modules are enabled by entering correctly allocated encoded numbers. These numbers can be provided by telephone, fax or E-Mail. Exact software requirements may therefore be tailored after instrument purchase without incurring delay before use.

External Printer

An external printer provides hard copy  spectra, curves and time course plots, as well as timed and dated reports of all experiments. An external, Epson compatible, printer may be used to provide large size high quality plots and documentation of quantitative assays.

Performance With Convenience

The ease of operation makes even complex tasks simple. An exceptional range of software and accessories makes the Aurius and Super Aurius instruments superb multi-user instruments, ideal for multi-discipline laboratories.

All scans, curves and data produced by the spectrophotometers may be scrolled across the screen providing a very wide 6 screen widths - 550mm - of viewing of extended displays.

Six Screen Width Viewing

Absorbance Accuracy

DataStream software Specifications and Spectrophotometer Ordering Further information

Accurate Quantification

For optimum accuracy when measuring concentration, a calibration curve may be fitted to a series of up to 30 standards or replicates. Accuracy is improved over using a single known concentration or entering a factor.

Outlier standard data points revealed by the initial fit may be deleted or replaced for a new fit. Up to 30 curves may be stored security protected.

Editing Of Data

Concentration Curve Fitting

When concentration is not linearly related to Absorbance a quadratic or cubic curve may be fitted to up to 30 standards or replicates, with or without an intercept. A straight line may be fitted when a linear relationship exists. Curves are displayed with data for each standard documented.

Wavelength scanning from 190-1,100 nm is standard on Super Aurius instruments with a narrow 1.8nm optical bandwidth. For the Aurius range scanning software is optional with a 4nm optical bandwidth.

Scans at up to 4000 nm/min are displayed with peaks and valleys tabulated and scans of up to 6 screen widths may be viewed by scrolling. Spectra may be printed on either the integral printer, as shown below, or an external printer.

The Super Aurius range offers in addition:-Derivative spectra, spectral storage and overlayed spectra and time plot as standard.

Wavelength Scanning

A cell program software module enables up to 4, 6 or 8 cells to be programmed with the appropriate cell changers. Programming of up to 10 different wavelengths is also provided by the wavelength program software module.

A combined cell and wavelength program may be run for up to 8 cells and 10 wavelengths. A cell and wavelength program may be used for calculations using complex formulae entered using the Assay program, with automatic formatting and printout of results.

Cell And Wavelength Programming

Aurius and Super Aurius  Spectrophotometers