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Column Oven – Heated and Chilled, CE 4600

The CE 4600 heated and chilled oven accommodates up to three columns and pre-columns with provision for pre-column heat exchanger to reduce column temperature gradients particularly at temperatures above 40ºC.

The oven is heated by forced air circulation and is fitted with a leak detector system.. The front opening door provides easy access to the columns. The temperature range of the oven is 5 to 70ºC (maximum of 12ºC below ambient) with a stability of ±0.01ºC.

Solvent Reservoir and Pipe Organisers

Solvent and pipe organisers for up to four, one litre calibrated reservoirs are available.   The  CE 4134 shown here, is for four reservoirs for quaternary systems. Solvent and pipe organisers fit neatly on top of detector modules, and are fitted with a lifting handle and pipe guide to organise the pipes from the reservoirs. The units allow free access to the column, injector valve and detector flowcell.

Dynamic Mixers

Binary and Ternary dynamic mixers are available for gradient forming at pressures up to 40MPa. The CE 4120 and CE 4130 are for binary and ternary mixing respectively and are made from stainless steel and measure only 8cm x 10cm for convenient mounting on the detector.

For bio-compatibility mixers CE 4121 and CE 4131 are available in PEEK and operate up to pressures of 12MPa.

In the case of Quaternary and Binary low pressure gradient mixing systems, the dynamic mixer is part of the low pressure pump.

On-Line Solvent Degassers

To enhance performance by reducing bubble formation two vacuum

solvent degasser units are offered, the CE 4040 for up to four solvent

channels and the CE 4020 for two channel operation. Each channel can handle

flows of up to 5mL/min and channels may be connected in parallel for

increased flow rates.

Air removal is better than 1ppm at 1mL/min flow rate, reducing

baseline fluctuations and improving sensitivity. Solvents are  in

contact with PTFE and PEEK, so the degassers are inert to HPLC solvents.

HPLC and Ion Chromatography Accessories