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AutoQuest Liquid Chromatography Autosamplers

This autosampler is specially designed for use with the Cecil Adept HPLC, Q-Adept HPLC, Merit HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography Systems. It may also be used with third party LC systems.

The AutoQuest autosampler fits neatly with the Adept HPLC, Q-Adept quaternary HPLC, Merit HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography modular systems. The Ultra low drift of the Cecil detectors and the reliability of the autosampler, contribute to stable baselines and peace of mind during overnight and weekend runs.

Peace of Mind

Available for use with up to 100 vials, this astoundingly reliable AutoQuest autosampler provides for ultra low carryover, ultra high injection precision, priority sampling, replicate injections and sample volumes from 10 µL to 2 mL.

The ultra low carry-over provides for the ultimate in effective sampling for trace residue analysis, impurity determinations and contaminant levels.

Ultra high injection precision contributes to accuracy in the calculation of results, together with improvements in inter and intra laboratory reproducibilities.

Ultimate Specifications

Random access priority sampling, ensures that last minute solutions may be injected at short notice, during a programmed autosampler run.

The use of replicate injections per vial may enable a larger number of runs.

Easy and reliable use is via PC control or the stand-alone keys.

All these features give the autosampler the ultimate in best value for both routine and research grade analytical work.

This neat, reliable, compact and clean AutoQuest autosampler incorporates a breakthrough design in autosampler technology. The design is based on the principle of headspace pressure, using a dual concentric needle with an internal air pump. The autosampler is easy to fit, simple to use and simple to maintain.

Save Resources

Manual injections can be tedious, time consuming, vary in accuracy and precision from person to person, and often require a person’s physical presence during weekends and evenings. The use of a reliable autosampler will save time, provide for constant accuracy and precision, and will free-up the weekends and evenings for other activities.

Breakthrough Technology

AutoQuest Liquid Chromatography Autosampler