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Ultra Fast Scanning

Superb Performance

Powerful Software

Total Flexibility

Excellent Reliability

Expandable Systems

High Pressure Mixing

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A Revolutionary UV-Visible Dynamic Absorbance Detector

(DAD), offers all the spectral capabilities of Photodiode Array Detectors (PDA), with greatly improved performance as a variable wavelength detector (VWD), and half the time required to both scan and quantify an elution.

Cecil Instruments introduce WaveQuest, a breakthrough in UV-Visible detector design, which enables peaks to be scanned and quantified simultaneously, saving time.

Super fast wavelength scanning, produces a UV spectrum in 200ms. Powerful spectral processing software for R&D, method development, purity determination etc.

Absolutely top performance as a variable wavelength detector, with data processing by PowerStream software, another Cecil Instruments development.

Quaternary and Other Gradients

The Q-Adept systems provide the convenience of working with quaternary, Ternary or Binary gradients. With the greatest of ease Q-Adept systems may be switched to isocratic use, or made to blend solvents for isocratic chromatography. Solvent mixing uses dynamic mixing to ensure the highest level of performance in gradient formation.

Convenience of Maintenance

Access for all maintenance is quick and simple without the requirement to dismantle the modular stack or gain access to the modules by removing covers. Piston back flushing is provided as standard to extend working life.

Systems Configuration

A series of chromatographic systems are offered covering the normal range of applications.

The flexibility of the design allows any system to be changed to a new configuration with the minimum of effort. A wide range of detectors is offered and ovens are available. Also the latest technology degasser is used for in-line degassing of solvents. The small volume of the degassing chamber reduces delivery times compared with other high volume degassers.

System Software

Adept and Q-Adept HPLC Systems may be controlled centrally by Cecil Instruments own PowerStream software. Using PowerStream, modules and complete systems may be controlled and results processed, manipulated, transferred or formatted as required.

Cecil Instruments offer both high pressure gradient mixing and low pressure gradient mixing systems.

The Adept HPLC series uses high pressure gradient mixing, whilst the Q-Adept systems offer low pressure gradient mixing.  Binary, ternary or quaternary gradients may be generated.

Both Adept and Q-Adept systems are fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Single point control of modules through PowerStream sofware, is facilitated by the digital connections.

A new addition to the Cecil Instruments ranges of HPLC is the Merit range of HPLC systems. The Merit HPLC systems are available as isocratic or binary gradient low pressure mixing systems. They are very easy to use and highly affordable.  

The Merit HPLC systems are controlled with Merit software

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